Wednesday, February 10, 2010

David and Ashley- Engaged!

Last week when David and I went to breakfast, he was talking to me about the day we got engaged (it seems so long ago!). He says that I get all googly eyed every time we talk about it so I thought what better week to reminisce on that than this? Here's some photos of our engagement day. {disclaimer--not professional photography}

We were visiting family in Half Moon Bay, CA and decided to take a bike ride to the beach just the two of us...

I had to get the famous footprint picture... David suggested we walk towards each other then he walked one direction and I followed in his steps. I turned around to take a picture...


And there he was on one knee... I could not stop laughing! Yes, was my answer of course.

Us being goofballs ;)

So happy:)


Small Burst said...

I love half moon bay! I'm a cali girl at heart. What a great place to get engaged.

Heather said...

CONGRATS on your engagement! I thought you may enjoy reading our Wedding Wednesday posts we are doing on our blog right now: