Saturday, December 31, 2011

horizontal or vertical?

I have a fabulous idea for one of my bathrooms and it involves: stripes, vintage Chanel, and a venetian mirror. in my mind I always imagined horizontal stripes until I saw this photo. So what do I do??


or vertical??


Carly Anne said...

I would go horizontal, personally. Vintage Chanel - so perfect.

CreativeMish said...

I think it depends on the size of the room... Vertical looks great on a long narrow hall but not sure about a small bathroom. Vertical for a smaller room? and it would make the walls seem even taller.

Erin Anderson said...

I really like the horizontal. I cant wait to see pictures when you are done. Thanks for your tips and Congrats on loosing some weight recently. I would not have thought you needed look good in any pictures I have seen of you.

I love chocolate covered katie's blog too but I have never made anything. I am getting together with some girlfriends this week so I might make the cookie dough dip. What kind of nut butter do you use in yours? I also read the article on the cottage cheese and bought some tonight. I will try it and report back =)

I have never been very good at measuring myself but I really wish I knew how many inches I have lost overall now. I think I will measure myeslf tonight though and keep track for a while. Good luck with everything I hope you will keep me posted on how things continue to go. I am glad you are posting on your blog again and will definitely be reading it.

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