Monday, March 22, 2010

Table Design by Ampersand Studios

Check out this beautiful table designed by the girls @ Ampersand Studios! A couple of weeks ago was Weddings Week in Boise and these ladies designed this table for the “Artfully Designed Table Contest”. Their intention was to showcase their fabulous print work, but wow did they do a great job with the whole design of the table as well!  Thanks girls for your creative inspiration! Check out their post on this table here.

 I love the mismatched chairs! Have a wonderful day! <3 


I Love Pretty Little Things said...

I Love the yellow!!!

Alyssa said...

I bet your eye was drawn to the yellow... it matches your shoes! But you're right, I like the mismatched chairs too... very fun!

kanishk said...

-that violet dress is showstopping!! Glad to have you back :)
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Unknown said...

I was there as well and loved it!!!