Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine's Day Crafts

This week, each blog post is going to be heart day related! What a sweet day to tell someone how much you love them!:] (but don't forget 2 other times of the year 2...)

Here are some crafts I did for heart day~

{Yarn pom pom heart plaque}
1. DIY yarn pom pom tutorial via here  
2. Hot glue your pom poms to a heart shaped plaque (found at my local dollar store)
3. Made a long braid to cover the edges of the heart plaque and another for hanging. I used about 3 strands of yarn for each string of the braid, equaling 9 strands for the braid.

{Vday paper wreath}
tutorial via here

click here for more Valentine's crafts.
Have a wonderful day!


Patricia said...

hey... nice to meet you!
these are awesome!
have a great week

Small Burst said...

Great wreath! BTW, you were just awarded the Sunshine Blog Award!